With Spirituality Out of the Question, How can Envisioning Your Dreams still Assist in Realizing Them?

If all spirituality was just some bogus nonsense, and the Law of Attraction was phony, would it still be useful to envision your dreams? My argument is YES it would be! Let me explain:

Envisioning your dreams, I argue, does three important things that make it possible for us to make our dreams realize into reality.

  1. Envisioning our dreams enables us to find out exactly what it is we want out of life. Without thinking deeply and visualizing what we want, we may never know. And the chances of what we want falling on our lap without first knowing what it is is very slim.
  2. Envisioning our dreams, when we don’t know the next step to take, subconsciously provides answers. Some call this prayer, others who don’t believe in spirit call it self-fulfilled prophecy. But the reason why this works, even the smartest scientists can’t explain.
  3. Envisioning your dreams, when you do already know what you want, makes them clearer so that you can more easily explain them to others. For example, if you’re a movie director who has a great idea for how to make a certain scene really pop on the screen, explaining this scene to your actors will be much easier after you’ve already gone over the fine details in your mind.

I really hope these three points will show why envisioning what you dream of is important for achieving it. If you want to read more about the importance of visualizing your dreams, click here to read our last post.

Until next time, keep working at your dreams. I believe in you!