Where The Wild Things Are


For me, this is a decision of a life time. I have decided to travel to Peru, thanks to a long conversation with my grandmother. The way it was explained to me is that if you can go somewhere where you thought you wouldn’t end up on purpose you might find exactly what your looking for. I do truly want to travel to Singapore and in time I will, right now I have been convinced by a woman with a heck of a lot more life experience than myself and my trust in her is something that is unbreakable. Did I mention? I have two weeks!

This journey is making me ecstatic, co workers have been looking at me like I am crazy and that ants are in my pants, it is lovely. Feeling like I am in the clouds has been the last few days, this is an important time in my life; a vacation is needed and it is finally time to take action.

  1. Why? Because I can.
  2. When? Now.
  3. With Who? By Myself.
  4. What Made It Happen? My Grandmother.

Besides the need for some crazy adventure I have also needed some time for myself. I do end up spending a lot of time by myself but never have I been alone in a place like Peru. Wildlife, beautiful scenery, reptiles of all kinds and esoteric ceremonies that change lives, these are things that intrigue me. I have my two weeks booked for the end of this coming week, then my journey to Lima will begin. Not knowing what to expect and being totally in tune with the fact that this trip will change my life is what has me ecstatic. Do you know the feeling when you just can’t wait to do something? Maybe your hungry at night and your on a diet but you know once you wake up you can have those protein pancakes with egg whites and celery. Whatever it is, do you know the feeling? 

Thank you gramma, truly, you made this possible. Your words of wisdom flourish in my mind and cause my true self to create ideas; I love you for this, and so much more. <3

Wanting to keep you all in the loop has been hard! I have been so busy! I love writing and it brings me so much joy; everything going on in my life has me booked up and I need to dedicate more time to my viewers as well as my YouTube Channel… Do you have any questions about my trip? Want more as to why I chose Lima? (well my grandmother might give you a better explanation), every time I write about my grandmother I smile, precious she is.

So many things to do and such little time, I guess that’s living the life of an adult. Don’t you wish you could be a child again? I often do, imagine being so little and only thinking about water slides and tubing in the river; does that make you smile? I sure as heck hope so!

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I wish the best for all my readers and all those who inhabit planet earth, be happy, and love your life!!!

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With love,