Venture onto venting?

A little story to tell

So this time around I’d like to briefly discuss what has happened in the last six months of my life. Having made beautiful friendships, challenged enormous amounts of adversity, dove into new business ventures, and last but most certainly not least coming to the conclusion that we are all perfect.

Understanding that all good things must come to an ending has put me in the head space of seeing things for what they are and not more than that. To be extra ordinary is of huge importance, yet the application of this concept is tremendously challenging… We as humans label things and focus so much on trying to analyze one thing or another but when you break down that barrier and stop getting in the way of yourself you become light in the sense that you just feel it. Achieving this is by no means easy; it forever is a constant practice. I myself have begun surfacing my emotions in the sense that I aspire to be nothing more than myself. Years spent repressing my feelings has led to a building of bad habits.

No regrets, I am forever grateful for the people I have come across, the animals I have had the pleasure of calling companions, the beautiful experiences I have experienced and the incredible places I have been. At the age of thirty-two I can now say that through my life I have learned a number of valuable lessons and numbering them in anyway shape or form would be ludicrous. Thirty-two and working at a quaint little bistro? Hmm, made an effort to pursue the trades but I quickly realized that the life of a tradeswoman was not the life for me. On one hand I love what I do and love the people I work with, on the other hand I understand I fill a position and am simply putting revenue in another individuals pocket for hour’s of my time.

stress relief

I have recently passed a provincial exam which allows me to sell segregated funds and life insurance to those in need. This is a true hurtle for me, I am no saleswoman; although I believe I bring a value to the table that is quite unique, there are so many people out there for $$$ and yes we all have to feed our families and pay for the roof over our heads but to make the reason you do things about cash value? I do not see the point. We only have so much time here on earth and to spend that time doing something you truly love is crucial, in my honest opinion. Seems like this post ventured into a few different topics, this definitely is a unique form of release and I could honestly go on all day, though I am up early to train and should at least make an attempt to get some rest. We’ll follow up on this tomorrow.

I hope everyone enjoys their evening, let’s talk about traveling next time. Would you like to contact me?

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