Time and Money


So I wanted to briefly go into my take on time and money, I have found throughout this life my actions have revolved around money a little too much. This life we all have has so much to offer, people talk about “miracles” and to tell you the truth every single breath you take is a freaking “miracle”.

All the obstacles we encounter we face because they are meant to make us stronger, adversity is put in our path to have us hop the hurtles to get to where we WANT to be. You tell yourself and the universe you want to be a dentist? Guess what, your going to have to read some books and do some practice exams that you probably don’t want to do. Want to be the best snowboarder on the planet? Guess what, your going to have to strap a chunk of fiber glass to your feet and spend hours getting up after you’ve learned what doesn’t work. Do you want to be an excellent writer? Well your going to have to deal with a bunch of people saying that your “,” there was incorrect punctuation¬†and that you should have ended the sentence. Does any of this matter at the end of the day? Well it depends how you want to look at it, perception is everything. ENJOY PERSEVERING, strive to be the best darn tootin’ anything, be yourself, do what makes you happy and give love to all. Those are your obligations. Yes, you need a roof over your head and food in your belly but guess what? You can get all those things focusing on those three obligations.

You don’t have any obligations, BUT, those are some things I like to apply to my life. Goes back to the second one I wrote down, “Do what makes you happy”.

Whoever choose to read this I hope you know I really do appreciate your time, thank you, thank you, thank you. There’s more here.

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Breathe Betty