The Love For Writing

If you have visited my about me page you know that I love to write! For the past few weeks I have been writing pages and pages for a company that I’d like to work for in the future.

Not entirely sure if it’s going to work out in my favor but it has kept me beyond busy! ( I sort of love it ). Writing is a true passion of mine, I have spent years doing everything I can to have some sort of spice to my ‘style’ of writing, after re-reading things I have written the key factor in writing a good article ( for me personally ) is the state of euphoria.

Through my personal experiences I have found that the continuous flow of an article where there are limited pauses, the information and authoritative content is consistent, and the reader remains captivated by the words written, is best done when the writer is in a state of euphoria. Music is also a key factor when writing, though some people enjoy their solitude, I believe I have written some of my best work in the middle of a crowd; a coffee shop for instance.

Are you writer of any kind? Do you enjoy a crowd? Or are you an individual who works best in the walls of your own home? Everybody is different when it comes to ‘the creative flow’. My sister for instance chooses to write with a quill, her penmanship is unlike anything I have ever seen before, she inherited her calligraphy skills from our mother I assume; I on the other hand find joy in typing on a very “relaxed” keyboard. Now I know this sounds strange, but it takes me a lot of time to adapt well to a keyboard. It has to be soft, not gel of any kind but the tension when the key is pressed has to be light and I prefer for it to require very little energy to acknowledge that the function needs to be used. I have had the same laptop for years, this keyboard has done me extremely well.

I mentioned above that some of my best articles have been created in public places, well for a number of years I chose to work in and out of libraries; adapting to those keyboards was SUCH A PAIN! If you are familiar with libraries you would know that they have specific keyboards for the visually impaired. In all honesty, I managed to snag one of those keyboards for my seat which was situated in an area where I was visible but my seating area was hardly ever disturbed. Why did I take the keyboard that was yellow, black, and had larger buttons that normal? The keys were so soft! Writing this is making me smile, I’m glad I popped in to share this ridiculous story; it’s been some time.

If your workload is large, one tip that I have for those who make the decision to live by the coffee pot is try this new ‘energy booster’ that I was introduced too. You can read up on it here, it’s called ginseng. I’ve heard about this before but never made any effort to give it a try, it’s actually pretty interesting how I found it, it’s an ingredient in the pre-workout I use! It is a Vega supplement that I found online and it was recommended to me by a personal trainer at one of the facilities I have been to. I take it 15-25 minutes before my jogs and strength training routines and have noticed a huge increase in energy and it most certainly has improved my performances.

If it’s something that interests you I highly recommend giving it a go, especially if you have experimented with pre-workout supplements before!


With Vast Amounts Of Love,

Ms. Betty Wilson