Towing Your Dreams To Reality Like A Tow Truck

Roadside assistance company services are a great metaphor for understanding the law of attraction and the power of envisioning the end results of your dreams. Today this is what I want to talk about. A reader suggested that I talk more about this because after all that is what Envision Inc is all about. We have talked about this in the past a bit, like in a this previous post for instance, but we really should discuss this more. So here we are.

A lot of different people who believe in the law of attraction will have different ideas of how it works. So keep that in mind because my idea of how it works which I will share with you now may sound different from what you have heard in the past or what you will hear in the future.

Think of what a tow truck operator does when he needs to do a roadside service, specifically towing. What does he do? He does exactly what you must do if you want to envision a dream and see it fruit into reality. How is this so? Like this: pretend the vehicle the tow truck is hitching is your dream. After all some people’s dream is a fancy new car. So after seeing the car as your dream, what do you have to do next to get your car to where it needs to go? You have to hitch it up or put it on a flatbed tow truck. If you now pretend that the tow truck operator’s destination represents the fruition of your dream, you first have to go on the journey to get there. Just because you visualized your destination and hitched your dream in your subconscious mind does not mean it will come into reality without a journey. After all, this is what a tow truck must do. It must go on a journey before its destination is reached.

flatbed tow truck
tow your dream to fruition

Before we get deeper into this metaphor, let me make what we’ve discussed so far more sensible by creating a summary…

A Summary for Understanding the Tow Truck Metaphor for Realizing Your Dream

  1. You represent the tow truck.
  2. The car you tow represents your dream.
  3. Hitching the car up represents visualizing your dream and getting emotional about it so that it’s up in your subconscious mind even when you are not thinking about it.
  4. Towing the car to your destination represents the journey you must take to see that you are working on your dream.
  5. Now, lastly, unhitching your car at the end of the journey represents the realization of your dream. Good job! You did it!

Concluding with some Deeper Points

Now getting deeper into this discussion, what do you think are some of the difficulties a tow truck operator might have when going from the journey to point A to point B? These difficulties also represent some of the difficulties you might have in realizing your dream. For instance a traffic jam might slow a tow truck down on the road, and for us this symbolizes roadblocks in our life that slow us down. For example one of these roadblocks could be, if you are trying to become the best basketball player, spraining an ankle. This is a difficulty that slows you down but you can overcome it with patience jut like waiting for a traffic jam to unclog. Another example is if the tow truck gets a flat tire after driving over glass. To understand this more I actually contacted a towing company, namely tow truck kitchener, and after asking them what they do when their tow truck gets a flat tire they said the problem is solved quite easily. All they have to do is use the skills they have developed over a lifetime and repair the tire themselves. This is also a metaphor for us, because if for example we are on our way to becoming a famous author but a bad review spoils our book sales, all we have to do is use the skills we have developed over a lifetime to solve the issue, namely writing a response to the review that will make people understand it does not reflect your true talents.

So after getting deeper into this, do you see now why comparing a towing service to the law of attraction is a great metaphor? I hope you do. And I also hope you remember this lesson for when you are trying to explain the law of attraction to someone else. Talking about it this way kind of takes the spiritual aspect out of it and makes it more realistic. After all we cannot first reach our dream if we do not visualize it because then we would not even know what our destination is.

Now before I let you go, think about this another way. What do you think would happen if a tow truck operator did not know the destination he or she wished tow a car to? There are two thing that might happen. Either the tow truck operator will just sit in his truck and not go anywhere until he know his destination, which would be like us never pursuing our dream because we do not have one, or the tow truck operator would just drive in circles all day and not really go anywhere, which would be like us having a vague dream but not really knowing enough about it via lack of visualization.

So there we have it. I hope you learned from this and that it all makes more sense now. I really hope you can reach your dream whatever it is. Just remember that the journey is everything!