Story Time?

Here Is A Story

Ended up posting my previous post late, fell asleep; haha. Today has been absolutely incredible, love what I have going for me right now. I feel fantastic, eating healthy and surrounding myself around the right kind of people. Not to say some people are horrible and others are fantastic, what I’m getting at here is that at this point in my life I have certain goals and want to achieve them to help others achieve theirs; the people I choose to be around help me achieve my goals.

So here’s a little story about a time I went to visit family in Victoria BC. I’m having this flash back of the craziness as I write this, it truly was unique. Driving down the Trans Canada Highway with my father, mother, brother in-law and cousin, then BOOM! To our amazement no one was injured and our vehicle wasn’t nearly as damaged as it could have been (we all could have been killed), a cow decided to stroll into the slow lane of the highway… My father slammed on the breaks gently turning to the left to veer towards the median, as this enormous animal realizes the situation it’s in it decides to take a quick pit stop! As in bunker down for the night! The thing just lies down where it stands, obviously in shock he/she was which is you know, understandable; car coming towards you going 80km+/hr. So at the time of seeing the cow, to hitting the breaks, to veering to the left, we are able to slow down to the point where no major damage was done but we did cave right into the median. Yes the cow made it home safe and sound, I assume. Local farmers cow? Who knows… We were able to get towed back home in a timely manner and no one was rushed to the hospital.

Thank you for smart phones! typing in “tow truck victoria” lead us to a number of different tow truck companies. A number of them didn’t answer their phone and after finally finding a tow truck company who answers their phone one gentleman arrived ready to save the day.

His name is Raven, we showed little appreciation at first, mainly because we almost got killed by a cow. It took us a few tries in conversation to actually explain what had happened as we were all in shock but we managed to spit out that a cow had almost ruined what we call life. I do believe we manifested that cow appearing on the road, I just have a hard time imagining my life without my family. Beyond grateful that we all made it home safe, on the topic of the tow truck operator, he was actually one of the nicest people I have ever come across; he completely understood the situation we endured and he took our rudeness with a grain of salt continuing to do everything he could to lift our spirits.

After getting back home we ended up cracking open a few bottles of wine and spending some quality time together as a family. My sister arrived, my aunt arrived, my uncle and other cousin came by; it was a really good experience in the sense that I believe it made our family stronger.

More stories? We’ll see what I can cook up.

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 Beautiful Victoria BC

Victoria BC’s lovely views.