See Ya Later!

A Few Days Early

Whoa am I ever thankful to be free! Work was cut short and now I have a few days to myself before I leave; movies and popcorn? I was thinking about a unique trilogy that my cousin used to be quite fond of. I always think the original Lord Of The Rings movies but the series begins with a movie called ‘Blade’. Now I am a total sucker for blood and gore and it may sound a little odd reading it aloud, heck even typing it out felt a little odd; regardless, it keeps me in-tune!


This explains my love for vampire movies...

The series is about vampires and the predators who hunt them, along with the ‘daywalker’ who is played by no other than Mr. Wesley Snipes. Now these movies may be cheesy and I will happily admit to that, giving full humility in the fact that I am going to be spending a number of hours watching these cheesy flicks. Though I came to one conclusion before I set to doing this, I realized “Betty, you have so much to do before you leave…” I also realized “I need to enjoy these moments as I bust my butt every single day, I need to pause, and smell the roses.”

Do you ever feel like this? Almost always in and out of rushing to do this, that, and the other thing; nothing specific besides you know, LIFE. I came to this conclusion as I was sitting at my desk, rubbing my hand across what I call my ‘stress globe’. Moving my hand ever so gently across this green globe I came to that conclusion, pause and smell the roses, it’s worth it.

I can count down the hours before I leave for this incredible journey. I’m not sure what my internet access will be like as I am going for an experience and won’t be focusing so much on the things that allow me to ‘disconnect’.

I may pop in before I leave, but right now; all I want is movies and popcorn.

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Need to get in contact with me? Have questions? Need help with something and think I may have the answer? I’ll always be here to help, and before I go I want to thank all of you who read my writings with an open mind; it’s 2016 and most people just watch television