I have come to the conclusion that scenery is what truly does it for me! I could spend hours on end sitting in front of a lake that is still, days on top of a mountain over looking forestry and wildlife, weeks in the woods where I am constantly being woken by the sounds of birds chirping and the rivers rushing. This is what makes me smile! I just got in from a very long walk through the woods where I came across deer, squirrels, birds of all kinds, a raccoon, a rabbit, and probably a thousand different dogs! That is where I feel peace.


Legs are sore, and the voices in my head are telling me I need a nap; what do I feel in my heart? Stay awake and write to you guys! This blog has done me wonders, my last post I talked a lot about family and what my trip has done for me. In this article I would like to share with you all some little things that really bring me joy.

  1. Apples And Peanut Butter
  2. Scenery
  3. Water Slides
  4. Settlers Of Catan
  5. Feeding Birds

These are some little things that I was thinking about on my walk through the woods, it’s not all about all these materialistic possessions. Yes, you need money to survive and you do need to be independent and secure. Getting there though, you must enjoy the process! These are a few things that truly get me through the hard times, in a very natural way I must add. I do these things instinctively as my body and my mind work in harmony when acting in those sequences. It’s beautiful, and peaceful!

Little things that bring joy are so important! I thought about this a lot on my trip and had a very in-depth conversation with my uncle about these little things (which started with me putting peanut butter on my pancakes.) Comical? Yes. Delicious? HELL YES!

I’d like to share with you all a song that I heard in a movie a number of years ago, it kind of stuck with me; its interesting how things do that.


With Vast Amounts Of Love,

Ms. Betty Wilson