Memorable Interactions Thus Far

It’s amazing how many people you end up speaking with who can share a story with you that will almost completely change your perspective! We are dots, having flown hours and hours from home I feel and am beginning to understand that we as humans are truly like grains of sand in the Sahara Desert. This an incredible yet pulse raising thought to contemplate.

The validity of the stories I’ve heard thus far have truly brought me into this sphere of contemplation and utter realization of our impermanence. One gentleman spoke about a battle which included three of his brothers and a wild buffalo, the tone of voice he was using with authenticity brought shivers down my spine. Could you imagine entering a life or death situation with a wild buffalo? Now these animals apparently aren’t ones to raise havoc on innocent people, but this creature was apparently out of sorts… It’s little things like these that really get my thoughts of our impermanence floating. Thankfully, no one was injured and everyone was able to return home to their families, but that is a situation that isn’t heard of often. Our ancestors walked this earth with creatures that are twenty times the size of us, have that run a few laps around your brain and tell me that it doesn’t open up a vortex of “Wow, I’m blessed.”

Now though we may be like grains of sand, and our existence here on planet earth be short, let us make it sweet! Travel, experience, adventure, and trust the process!

I wanted to pop in and share with you how I’m feeling, I think these feelings of impermanence were created through the hearing of that mans story… Life and death are so close together, it’s a beautiful yet scary thing.

Read more about how this post came about here, I’ve gone on the quite the quest.

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