Lima, Victoria, And Back Home I Am!

I would like to start off this article by thanking my grandmother, without her and her wise words I would not have experienced the joy I have over the past few weeks. My journey started in Lima, now it wasn’t overly hot but I definitely did feel the heat some days! I met so many incredible people, I honestly don’t even know where to begin! In my earlier post I talked about how this trip would change me, it has and it hasn’t.

This Is A Mystery, It Sort Of Explains My Trip
This Is A Mystery, It Sort Of Explains My Trip

It’s challenging to put into words what I’ve learned over the past three weeks, I’m not talking about geographical enclosures, articles of clothing and how they are made, various food types, macro nutrients, window cleaning, gutter trap installations, the dangers of cycling, and the limitations my body has when it comes to hiking; I’m talking about what I’ve learned about Betty.

This trip opened my eyes to different cultures, different ways of living, different everything! I fell in love with options, and I fell in love with variety. It still feels like that was more hiking than I have ever done before, it also feels like my regular fridge foods should be garnished or exchanged with street food! So my trip definitely did have an impact on the way I see certain things, and I think that was the main reason I went; to open up to new possibilities and attack new desires. I have come to the conclusion that I will most certainly be cycling more, I can beat the bus no problem, I just need to invest in a road bike!

Now I will never forget my trip, most importantly I will never forget the importance of family. I went back to the island before I arrived home. (I also ended up getting an extension on my days off which is a whole other story.) Why did I go back to Victoria? One thing stood out to me the most when I was in Lima. Want to know what that one thing was?

Family, everything was about family. They drove together, ate together, walked together, and stood by each other; period. The greatest pictures in my mind from my trip are images of families being ‘family’. I cut my trip in Lima short, and went to Vancouver Island to see those that are dearest to me.

I arrived late Thursday night, and to my surprise there was one man waiting at the airport, my uncle. As grateful as I could be I sprinted to hug him but I had one question running through my mind, “Where is everyone?”. I quickly found out that my uncles company has just gone through some transitions and their expansion has basically locked everyone down with regards to time. His company Glass Guys Window And Gutter Cleaning has just blown up! He’s had to hire my cousins and their friends part time and full time! I am so happy for him as it wasn’t that long ago that they were looking for work, and now it’s coming in abundance! If I know anyone on this planet that deserves a break when it comes to finances, it’s my uncle.

After hearing this incredible news I perked right up, not seeing everyone right away had me a little shocked but I was in my glory when I heard his news. He has been waiting for that growth for so long, and now it is here! Waking up to cats climbing all over me and a pancake breakfast made by my uncle; that was my first morning in Victoria. Could you think of a better way to start your morning? At this point, right here and now, I cannot!

Now you might be thinking, “Okay, Betty has talked a lot about change in perspective, curiosity, attacking new desires, and family… Why doesn’t she just spend more time with her family if this is the joy it brings her…?” Well maybe that is not what you were thinking but that is exactly what I began to think as of that morning.

Lima, Victoria, and back home I am, yet one thing still stands in my mind; why did I not stay in Victoria? Well here is the answer, not only do I have work to attend to, I also have realized something very important and it took my grandmothers wise words to really help me understand it.

Creativity is the answer to everything and quite frankly, I’ve been lacking it. I went on an enormous trip and it took it all to find out what really has been going on inside, my lack of imagination has hindered my happiness. My short visit with my parents, my sister, my brother in-law, my cousins, and my aunt and uncle really made my trip what it needed to be. The amazing people of Lima brought light to a confusing scenario. Tour guides, locals, merchants, and a number of little children had me up on my toes with excitement and joy; my family in Victoria gave me love, the feelings of unity, and brought me back to reality.

Use your creative mind, I ventured off to somewhere I had never been before and from my whole trip that is what I am thinking about the most. I went for the experience but inside I was also searching for something, this had me popping in and out of reality. I am grateful for everyone who helped me realize that it’s already in me, I just need to pull it out!

Sorry for jumping all over the place, I want to go in depth a little bit more on my hikes, the scenery I saw, and the fun times I had with my family in Victoria; but I have lots of time to share those stories!

Right now, if you have read this far I want you to know that it took me three weeks to get to where I am mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The fact that I realized that my happiness is inside me and the external factors play minimal rolls, really hits home. It feels like common sense when I type it out, but it’s different feeling it than it is thinking it.

I would love to hear from you guys! I am forever grateful for my followers, and Gramma, again, thank you.

My email is listed below, would you like to know more about the people of Lima? How about my uncles pancakes? Perhaps my fathers chess skills? Interested in the vast amount of glass beaches that are in Victoria BC? Maybe more about my Gramma? You know how to get in contact!


With Vast Amounts Of Love,

Ms. Betty Wilson