Finding The Time

So much to do!

So much to do in a day and so little time! Today all I want to do is sit behind my laptop here and write; unfortunately I have a lot of running around to do as well as some cleaning, this is okay. Being clean is of the utmost importance to me, organized living gives me the vibe that I procrastinate less and stay more focused on what needs to get done.

When I see that things have been taken care of it reminds me that I need to continue on and dedicate my being to efficiency. This requires a lot of discipline in the sense that sometimes you REALLY want to just curl up in a ball and surrender to the fatigue; PUSH! I encourage all of you who read this to venture off into the woods for a night or two with a backpack, a tent, a blanket, and some high calorie food. This is something I did that I believe truly did change my perspective on reality; we tend to take A LOT for granted and this helps wake us up. No cell phone, no computer, no communication, other than the beauty of nature and the chirping of birds; such a beautiful environment.

I purchased this light packed mummy sleeping bag and it is absolutely incredible! I have a quaint little tent which I got from the local hardware store and then I just grabbed a bunch of trail mix and took off! A little bit of fruit, a couple granola bars, water, and an open mind.

open mind

If you want to challenge yourself I highly recommend giving something like this a try, if you approach the experience with the right attitude you can gain a lot from it.

With love,