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The Fear Of The Ocean

I used to have this enormous fear of the ocean floor, not knowing what was beneath me created a trembling feeling every time I entered a body of water where I couldn’t see the bottom. Has anyone else ever felt this way? I think it came about through past experiences in my younger years. I spent a lot of time in lakes, attending countless summer camps and plenty of time swimming to the flotation devices off shore from my home by the ocean. Never did I have any serious situations occur but I do recall a number of times where I looked down and saw families of jellyfish which then gave me the creeps… It set a feeling into my skin which has lingered for years. The time where I was at the lake with my family and a creature of some sort, rather soft and gentle, slithered across my leg. This experience took the fear trophy because after this had happened I then imagined being completely out of my element; helpless in the sense that if this creature had the urge to pull me under, it would have with ease.


Do you fear the ocean? Do you fear large bodies of water? I did, want to know how I conquered it? Number one, my first tattoo was colored blue; this was to remind me that I have the ability to conquer my fears and the ocean was my biggest at the time. Number two, take action looking it straight in the eyes with sheer certainty of purpose. My action consisted of stepping completely out of my comfort zone by going to my local marina, removing what I had on for clothing, being completely naked, then jumping in to the ocean where I could not see the bottom floor. Muggy water, oil from boats lingered, rubbish from the marina was present but I was there for a purpose; to conquer my fear. I could not see the bottom and although I knew I had the ability to grab the ladder and climb to safety, before this would happen I would have to race whatever was beneath me; guess what? Whatever is beneath me is going to be a heck of a lot quicker; they were made to flow with the current and if they are a predator sheer determination makes me lunch meat. Acknowledging the fact that regardless of whether or not I thought I had the time to climb to safety, the reality of it is, if something wanted to pull me under from that point, it darn well could. I swam still, treading and controlling my breathing; simply trusting the universe. I set forth on a mission and that was to prove to myself that I believe in myself; without others for motivation.

The universe agreed that what I had done was of value and my trust in myself led to my conquering of the fear. This is a little bit of a venting scenario but at the same time it’s for me to remind myself that we can do anything we set our minds too…

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Conquer Your Fears