When You Feel Bad for Taking Breaks, You Know…

You know… You just do… It’s Fate, Destiny, Meant to Be…

Your Inner Purpose Released

You know there’s something very special about what you’re doing when you feel bad for taking even a small break from working. Most people don’t know what this feels like. Most people work a regular 9 to 5 job and when their day is over, they’re very happy with taking a break. They often look forward to any time off work and see work as something that wastes their time.

If you think not working is a waste of time then you’re part of the minority, the special elite few. It’s very hard for the average person to understand that a deep down hunger to strive and work and achieve is what empowers majorly successful entrepreneurs. When a single day off makes you depressed, and you feel a deep pressure from inside telling you that you shouldn’t be doing this, be proud of that. That’s something most people don’t have.

The Power of Knowing Your Dream Will Come True

When you feel bad for taking breaks, you know your calling is something akin to divine, much needed in the world and meant to be.

On the other hand, when you don’t take breaks, when you work your face off, you feel so great! You build a habit of accomplishing something everyday because you love how it makes you feel about yourself. You see a large goal on the horizon and every day you’re working to move closer toward it.

You can look deep down at these inner emotions and know that these are exactly what will take you there to that goal. You won’t be able to live with yourself in old age knowing you never reached that goal. It’s your fate, your destiny, your purpose. You pray to god with a face full of tears because it means that much to you. It means the world to you. You can’t imagine a life without it. What would you be doing without it? Working a normal 9 to 5 job like everyone else? That’s impossible! It would never happen. This is what you were born to do.

Just do it!

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The Love For Writing

If you have visited my about me page you know that I love to write! For the past few weeks I have been writing pages and pages for a company that I’d like to work for in the future.

Not entirely sure if it’s going to work out in my favor but it has kept me beyond busy! ( I sort of love it ). Writing is a true passion of mine, I have spent years doing everything I can to have some sort of spice to my ‘style’ of writing, after re-reading things I have written the key factor in writing a good article ( for me personally ) is the state of euphoria.

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I have come to the conclusion that scenery is what truly does it for me! I could spend hours on end sitting in front of a lake that is still, days on top of a mountain over looking forestry and wildlife, weeks in the woods where I am constantly being woken by the sounds of birds chirping and the rivers rushing. This is what makes me smile! I just got in from a very long walk through the woods where I came across deer, squirrels, birds of all kinds, a raccoon, a rabbit, and probably a thousand different dogs! That is where I feel peace.


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Lima, Victoria, And Back Home I Am!

I would like to start off this article by thanking my grandmother, without her and her wise words I would not have experienced the joy I have over the past few weeks. My journey started in Lima, now it wasn’t overly hot but I definitely did feel the heat some days! I met so many incredible people, I honestly don’t even know where to begin! In my earlier post I talked about how this trip would change me, it has and it hasn’t.

This Is A Mystery, It Sort Of Explains My Trip
This Is A Mystery, It Sort Of Explains My Trip

It’s challenging to put into words what I’ve learned over the past three weeks, I’m not talking about geographical enclosures, articles of clothing and how they are made, various food types, macro nutrients, window cleaning, gutter trap installations, the dangers of cycling, and the limitations my body has when it comes to hiking; I’m talking about what I’ve learned about Betty.

This trip opened my eyes to different cultures, different ways of living, different everything! I fell in love with options, and I fell in love with variety. It still feels like that was more hiking than I have ever done before, it also feels like my regular fridge foods should be garnished or exchanged with street food! So my trip definitely did have an impact on the way I see certain things, and I think that was the main reason I went; to open up to new possibilities and attack new desires. I have come to the conclusion that I will most certainly be cycling more, I can beat the bus no problem, I just need to invest in a road bike!

Now I will never forget my trip, most importantly I will never forget the importance of family. I went back to the island before I arrived home. (I also ended up getting an extension on my days off which is a whole other story.) Why did I go back to Victoria? One thing stood out to me the most when I was in Lima. Want to know what that one thing was?

Family, everything was about family. They drove together, ate together, walked together, and stood by each other; period. The greatest pictures in my mind from my trip are images of families being ‘family’. I cut my trip in Lima short, and went to Vancouver Island to see those that are dearest to me.

I arrived late Thursday night, and to my surprise there was one man waiting at the airport, my uncle. As grateful as I could be I sprinted to hug him but I had one question running through my mind, “Where is everyone?”. I quickly found out that my uncles company has just gone through some transitions and their expansion has basically locked everyone down with regards to time. His company Glass Guys Window And Gutter Cleaning has just blown up! He’s had to hire my cousins and their friends part time and full time! I am so happy for him as it wasn’t that long ago that they were looking for work, and now it’s coming in abundance! If I know anyone on this planet that deserves a break when it comes to finances, it’s my uncle.

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Memorable Interactions Thus Far

It’s amazing how many people you end up speaking with who can share a story with you that will almost completely change your perspective! We are dots, having flown hours and hours from home I feel and am beginning to understand that we as humans are truly like grains of sand in the Sahara Desert. This an incredible yet pulse raising thought to contemplate.

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See Ya Later!

A Few Days Early

Whoa am I ever thankful to be free! Work was cut short and now I have a few days to myself before I leave; movies and popcorn? I was thinking about a unique trilogy that my cousin used to be quite fond of. I always think the original Lord Of The Rings movies but the series begins with a movie called ‘Blade’. Now I am a total sucker for blood and gore and it may sound a little odd reading it aloud, heck even typing it out felt a little odd; regardless, it keeps me in-tune!


This explains my love for vampire movies...

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Where The Wild Things Are


For me, this is a decision of a life time. I have decided to travel to Peru, thanks to a long conversation with my grandmother. The way it was explained to me is that if you can go somewhere where you thought you wouldn’t end up on purpose you might find exactly what your looking for. I do truly want to travel to Singapore and in time I will, right now I have been convinced by a woman with a heck of a lot more life experience than myself and my trust in her is something that is unbreakable. Did I mention? I have two weeks!

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How About Singapore?

Time To Experience


Lately I’ve been feeling like an adventure needs to be in order, time to go and do something I have never done before; know the feeling? I’ve been loving my past week, I have hit some small hiccups but my overall few days have had me in a pure state of happiness. Loving every minute of air I breathe lately has put me in the mindset of the need to experience something that can be potentially life changing. I know a single breath can be life changing, and I do my best not to take that for granted; right now I want to go on a journey that I will be talking about for the rest of my life. My father recommended Las Vegas, I personally feel that Vegas is a little out of my league, I prefer somewhere where I don’t have to feel obligated to do anything; in Vegas I could see myself drinking a little too much and spending too much money on helicopter rides

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Do you like water?

The Fear Of The Ocean

I used to have this enormous fear of the ocean floor, not knowing what was beneath me created a trembling feeling every time I entered a body of water where I couldn’t see the bottom. Has anyone else ever felt this way? I think it came about through past experiences in my younger years. I spent a lot of time in lakes, attending countless summer camps and plenty of time swimming to the flotation devices off shore from my home by the ocean. Never did I have any serious situations occur but I do recall a number of times where I looked down and saw families of jellyfish which then gave me the creeps… It set a feeling into my skin which has lingered for years. The time where I was at the lake with my family and a creature of some sort, rather soft and gentle, slithered across my leg. This experience took the fear trophy because after this had happened I then imagined being completely out of my element; helpless in the sense that if this creature had the urge to pull me under, it would have with ease.

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Finding The Time

So much to do!

So much to do in a day and so little time! Today all I want to do is sit behind my laptop here and write; unfortunately I have a lot of running around to do as well as some cleaning, this is okay. Being clean is of the utmost importance to me, organized living gives me the vibe that I procrastinate less and stay more focused on what needs to get done.

When I see that things have been taken care of it reminds me that I need to continue on and dedicate my being to efficiency. This requires a lot of discipline in the sense that sometimes you REALLY want to just curl up in a ball and surrender to the fatigue; PUSH! I encourage all of you who read this to venture off into the woods for a night or two with a backpack, a tent, a blanket, and some high calorie food. This is something I did that I believe truly did change my perspective on reality; we tend to take A LOT for granted and this helps wake us up. No cell phone, no computer, no communication, other than the beauty of nature and the chirping of birds; such a beautiful environment.

I purchased this light packed mummy sleeping bag and it is absolutely incredible! I have a quaint little tent which I got from the local hardware store and then I just grabbed a bunch of trail mix and took off! A little bit of fruit, a couple granola bars, water, and an open mind.

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